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Today, in the year 1777, Congress formally adopts the “Betsy Ross Flag” which adhered to the 1777 Flag Act.  This was the first formally accepted flag of the United States of America representing the 13 colonies and the states in the blue starfield.

Betsy Ross was born in Elizabeth Griscom in 1752, was an upholsterer in Philadelphia during the American Revolutionary era. Although the story that she sewed the first U.S. flag is likely apocryphal, Ross did create flags for the Revolutionary War effort.  Legend has it that in the summer of 1776 (or possibly 1777), General George Washington visited Ross to discuss a design for the new nation’s flag.  According to the tale, Betsy finalized the design, arguing for stars with five points (instead of six) for practical cutting.

We have also set our pride logo for the dates of June 14 through July 14 to represent this occasion.  We feel this flag connects our company to America’s founding era, emphasizing our roots and commitment to American values.  The Betsy Ross design evokes nostalgia for simpler times and celebrates the enduring spirit of the nation.  Additionally, we feel associating with this iconic flag enhances our brand image and resonates with patriotic customers.