You’ve missed the last call. Stand out with Tarheel Media’s switchboard and answering attendant services for your company’s call flow needs! It’s easy and quick to get setup and in production!

Let’s be honest, this looks a lot like your call flows, right? You have several employees that all have their own cell numbers and customers don’t even know which one to dial and when they do dial that number, they get sent to voicemail with a few others trying to get up with that one employee everyone remembers.

Tarheel Media is here to help! We’ll provide you one central number that routes calls to the employee the customer needs or, we can ring all employees, some, or round-robin throughout the company until someone picks up and keep the customer on hold until that happens. But what is a hold without hold music? …


If you have a customer on hold, why not let them enjoy the hold and learn a little more about your company in the process?
Have a listen to a sample.