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Frequently Asked Questions2023-05-22T20:08:58-04:00



Will I have to purchase SEO?2022-11-23T23:13:39-05:00

No, we develop your website around SEO frameworks which means they don’t have to be retrofitted later.  This reduces your cost by reducing our cost.

Will my site be “trun-key”?2022-11-23T23:11:37-05:00

Not unless you specifically purchase a turn-key plan and do not change any parameters on us once we get underway.

How long do your web design projects take?2022-11-23T23:10:42-05:00

It depends on your budget, what you want to be done, and frankly, how easy you are to satisfy.  If you have an idea pictured in your head that you refuse to put into writing, it can take far beyond the deadlines that we project.


How do you handle faillover?2022-11-23T23:20:10-05:00

We operate out of 2 data centers and our local network.   All of our web servers are virtual machines that run over 19 different bare metal servers.  Each virtual machine replicates to the other 2 locations so we don’t just have one backup location, we have 2 and at the flip of a switch, data can stream from Princeton, CD, or Chicago.

Do you host your own servers or resell?2022-11-23T23:17:05-05:00

We buy and rent our own servers.  Some servers we buy for our own network, some we buy to put into other data centers, and some we rent in other data centers depending on the case, load, and level of required security.

What is the specs on your servers?2022-11-23T23:15:39-05:00

Specifications range from 12 core (24 threads) at 160Gb RAM to 28 cores (56 threads) at 408GB RAM.   We only buy Dell® PowerEdge™.


How do I sign up?2022-11-23T23:08:48-05:00

Simply create an account and follow the menu to your account and to your cloud account.  You will be asked to set a cloud password that will be used for all services.

Do you have a free eSign Service?2022-11-23T22:52:55-05:00

We do! It is entirely binding and legal in Federal and State Courts inside the USA.

Is Tarheel Cloud Really Free?2022-11-23T14:42:51-05:00

Yes, 100%.  You’ll get 10GB of email and storage space free for as long as we can.


I have a special case that requires 4 servers, can you help?2022-11-23T23:22:07-05:00

From clustering to distributed databases, to failover and much more we can most certainly help in special-case situations.



Can I meet someone from Tarheel Media?2022-11-23T23:29:52-05:00

Sure, contact us to schedule an appointment!


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