Private, secure, high-performance systems on a reliable network you can trust!


Shared – Basic


Basic WordPress Sites

Shared Server

20GB Storage

1TB Transfer

20 Email Accounts

2 FTP Accounts

10 Databases

Sub/Domains ‡

Cloud Managed †

Shared – UnMetered


Busy WordPress Sites

Shared Server

Storage ‡

Transfer ‡

Email Accounts ‡

FTP Accounts ‡

Databases ‡

1 Domain

Cloud Managed †

Virtual Machine


Heavy Use & eCommerce

Managed Virtual Machine

Configurable Storage

Configurable Transfer

Custom Email Accounts

Custom FTP Accounts

Custom Databases

Custom Sub/Domains

𐄂 Cloud Managed

Dedicated Server


Extreme Traffic Websites

Managed Dedicated Server

Configurable Storage

Configurable Transfer

Custom Email Accounts

Custom FTP Accounts

Custom Databases

Custom Sub/Domains

𐄂 Cloud Managed

† You may connect your Tarheel Cloud account to your hosting account for file access from the cloud. This can void warranties to any work we have performed on your website as it gives you direct access to the source code of your website.
‡ The use of the infinity symbol is to show we do not meter the usage, but that does not mean unlimited or infinite. Your usage is subject to the fair use clause in the Terms of Service.

Unlike most web designers and digital marketing agencies, we don’t use big brands to host our site or our customers’ sites. They believe in big brands and we believe in the data.

Big brands stuff as many customers on their servers as possible leaving little to no resources for a properly customized WordPress website to do what it needs to do and a web designer paying budget prices has no way to rectify this. We currently own our own servers (we buy exclusively Dell PowerEdges), our own routers and switches (we buy exclusively Mikrotik), and lease the networks required to provide our own world-class hosting service where we limit each 56-thread Xeon server to just 500 users meaning everyone shares a core 10 ways, not 1,000 ways.

Here is the dirty truth the other guys won’t tell you: They don’t have root access to their servers and when something goes wrong, they’re powerless to help.  We’re not and have systems administrators on staff to fix whatever issue that arises.

Because the other guys don’t have root access to their servers, they don’t get to dictate limitations for that server.  We limit our servers so that there are plenty of resources available for each customer on that server.

We support Open Source and GPLv3 software.  Because of that, there is only one real control panel solution.  There are some that will say, “It’s free and that’s why you use it” and that’s untrue.  In fact, we pay far more for Virtualmin than we would cPanel.

We have a write-up here as to why we use Virtualmin but have a look for yourself because every image you see, contains a critical feature cPanel lacks: 


Our servers run Apache2 with several mods for security.


We also run PHP versions 8.0 and up (some previous, secure versions of 7.x are used in some edge cases).  You may select the PHP version for your website (and can be selected per virtual host for php-fpm and per directory for FCGI).


Our servers also support Ruby on rails, CGI, Perl, Python, Node, and more.


Available databases are MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQLite


The email server is postfix and is slaved to the main email server ( which means your server will act as a secondary and you should setup your DNS MX records to reflect that.


We utilized a layered approach to all of our servers and networks.

We use proprietary technology to filter data ingression to our networks. We check for many types of attacks and filter out brute force attacks via connection tracking.

Each server uses a combination of IP Tables, Config Server, and Fail2Ban for a multi-functional approach combining both firewall security and application security by log monitoring.

We utilize a proprietary web application firewall for WordPress. This firewall checks for many attacks against WordPress including stopping the targeting of venerable plugins BEFORE they become zero-day exploits, and brute force detection as well as 2-factor authentication.

When it doesn’t fit into a package

Some high-end websites and applications need high end hardware and clustering. When you know you’ll need servers for databasing, hosting, and emails on separate machines or networks, let’s have a conversation.


The first fully integrated cloud built for everyone.

  • More features than Google*
  • Email Included and bring your own
  • Legally binding digital signing documents
  • Leverage AI to sort media and documents
  • In-browser document editing (Compare to Office 365)
  • Sort & Play your music or relax with podcasts
  • Manage tasks, projects, time, and events
  • Maps & GPS Navigation
  • Much, much more awaits!

Joining is subject to our Terms of Service and a free Tarheel Media email account is required.  See for more details.
Message and Data rates apply on mobile apps.

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