They know websites and actually take the time to sit down and explain things that aren’t over my head. Anytime someone asks who created my site, I write down their phone number and tell them they have to call them immediately.

~ Wanda Herring

Co-Owner, Eastern New & Used Office Furniture, LLC

Project Description

Starting out, Eastern Office Furniture was just a couple of people in a shop in La Grange, NC: Wanda and her fiance, Tim Herring.  Over the years, the company has grown as they have taken top search rankings in the local area and abroad for “Office Furniture”, “Used Furniture”, and “Used Office Furniture”.   Many other search terms pour into the website for hutches, conference tables, and many others.

Their clientele moved from small businesses to medium-sized businesses and local and county governments!  They now have a full team of employees and even have their own delivery service.

Eastern Office Furniture is a success story like no other – a success story of a working relationship.  We have become a team and constantly throw feedback back and forth to create marketing and design strategies that work for their clientele.