Project Description

Caroline Bible Institute & Seminary came to us needing a website and SEO work.  During the time of development, which was through the holidays which threw the project a little behind, the old domain names were reclaimed by the previous providers and that means we’re working from scratch like it was a brand new website with some serious overhauls to it’s technology.

Using Cyno, we were able to create a stellar interface for the administrators to control the content of the website including adding, editing, and removing offered courses with details on those courses such as the syllabus while grouping them into degree programs.  The interface allows for both search engines and visitors to quickly find a course or program they’re looking for and enroll.

This will be the 8th non-profit website we’ve been involved in and they’re always stellar projects that are in many ways more fulfilling than for-profit sites.

The current administrator and the owner has a great relationship and are still working to tweak the site.  We’ll update you here when the SEO is completed and the site is ready for the wild, but until then, you can have a look at the website in-progress by clicking the project link