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When I was toiling over at Goldsboro Web Development for years, the one thing I could always count on was how welcoming Google was to me, as a developer, to add more clients to the Google Cloud.  When we would work on website applications for customers and pull in their calendar or contact data to their website, Google was entirely happy with this, it made that customer entirely dependent on Google for their company to operate.

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago after I developed a brand new webmail client (that the customers enjoy today) that was capable of doing everything Gmail does and more, that I really ran afoul of Google when I tried to integrate Google Drive into the attachments system.  After three days of going back and forth with Google Admins to get the app approved for the webmail client, one of the admins actually replies and just comes right out and tells me what their grief is with my app.

Why do you need your own email solution when there is Gmail?

Well, Google!  I don’t like your privacy policy and your “indefinite rights” over my data.  It was odd that a few moments after an email akin to what I just said, they approved that app.

Now that we’ve launched a full-scale Cloud that seeks to literally replace Google, it’s now been over 7 days of going back and forth – it is pure obstruction.  It is so bad that the admins have stated several times that they want us to advertise for Google by stating on our home page that we have the button deep in the profile section of our users on the cloud website and how the button will enhance our customers’ lives.  I count about 18 different anti-trust laws they violated in request and I doubt they even realize it.

Google has been under scrutiny for years since the introduction of the DART cookie and the more layers investigators peel back from Google the scarier things are.  It’s well known that Google never really deletes your data and Google outright sells data to third parties.

Tarheel Media aims to fix this by offering real, competitive services on a network that is respectful of their privacy and safeguards their data from any other party.  We believe that if there is an alternative out there to Google, people will use it if they are keen on privacy.