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Well, that’s it.  It’s been one heck of a ride, but today we close the doors to Goldsboro Web Development and open the doors for Tarheel Media.

There has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears with Goldsboro Web Development, and I mean that literally.  When we open the office it was in a mess. I called in my kids, wife, and workers to help tear out the inside of the building and entirely remodel it.  There were plenty of mechanical injuries, bandaids, and washing out debris from the eye.  If it could happen, it seemed like it did.

Goldsboro Web Development has been a brand of MLW & Associants, LLC, our parent company, for more than 12 years.  Before that, it was a DBA of Michael L Wells, the sole proprietor.  Today the company is far more than I could have hoped for.  We have customers from all around the world:  Ireland, Spain, the Grand Carny Islands, Germany, and Sweden.  We also have customers from all around the Americas:  Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, and even Canada.   In the US, we have customers from all 50 states, and in North Carolina, we have customers from every county but one.  Franklyn County, what is wrong with you?

I never thought I would build anything that would be this widespread or affect his many people and considering that each of these customer’s websites is sometimes viewed by thousands of people per day or per hour in some cases, it is something that has gone beyond my wildest dreams.

And therefore, the name “Goldsboro Web Development” is no longer fitting.  That name implies a certain city or area where we started.  But it no longer represents our clients or what we do.  We do far more than just web development and truth be told, that’s been the case since the first year the company was incorporated.  Thusly, we shed this identity and adopt a new one – one that more accurately represents who we are and what we do.

We’ve certainly learned a lot and this time around, with this new website we’ve incorporated a lot of things that we’ve learned.  Some of the things are down to the technical and contractual lessons we’ve learned.  But one thing has not changed, you are still our top priority and our workmanship is still unmatched!