No, we said we wanted to avoid them because we saw them as unfair to the customer – that is locking them into a subscription and holding their data hostage.  After a survey from 50 randomly picked customers, the data returned was almost unanimous – they would prefer monthly payments, even indefinite monthly payments opposed to a large lump sum, even if it was split into deposits.

This is a business, and while money is not everything, what our customers want is and making their life easier is one of our top goals.  We could not continue in good faith not offering these types of contracts knowing that it was in stark contrast to the preferences of our clients.

SUPPLIMENTAL: Can I convert to a monthly contract?
There is no easy answer to this other than “yes and no”.  No, the contract you had with Goldsboro Web Development is not compatible.  We would redesign your website for you because the new contracts require our new Website Builder, Cyno™.  If this is acceptable to you, then, yes.

We can however upgrade your website to Cyno™ for a nominal fee but this will not put you on a monthly contract that would provide support and other feature updates.  Contact sales for more information on a Cyno™ upgrade.   Again, you would need to go find the web design package you are wanting and hit “Order Now”.  Don’t worry, we’ll know what to do.