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Goldsboro Web Development is Tarheel Media2024-05-28T00:32:54-04:00

Goldsboro Web Development



Tarheel Media

The change you'll love!

More affordable than ever, imagine web design plans starting at just $149/mo. Oh yes, we did!

Now, a variety of digital marketing plans from Pay-Per-Click to Search Engine Optimization.

Now offering online presence and branding, including brand restoration.

Of course, you have to have somewhere to put all that awesome data we’ll create for you…

More Control

We have a new, way to control your emails, aliases, statistics, and more with our own custom software and interface tailored to what you’ve been asking for.

More Value

Even basic web design plans now comes with our signature Cyno™ web builder, keyword tracking, firewalls, and so much more.

More Innovation

Not only do we think out of the box well more than in the past, we have intergrated AI into almost every facet of the development processes.

More You

We now offer a cloud service, “Tarheel Cloud“, which is free for all of our clients and is robust enough, it is the only office application we, as a company, use!

Have something else in mind?

We still provide the same custom solutions, but in a far different way. Unlike in the past, we now put you in the driver's seat and at the center of your project .

We still provide the same custom solutions, but in a far different way. Unlike in the past, we now put you in the driver's seat and at the center of your project .


So, what do you say? Let’s have a chat.

FAQs for Goldsboro Web Development customers

Wait, you said you would never offer monthly contracts!2024-05-27T21:00:29-04:00

No, we said we wanted to avoid them because we saw them as unfair to the customer – that is locking them into a subscription and holding their data hostage.  After a survey from 50 randomly picked customers, the data returned was almost unanimous – they would prefer monthly payments, even indefinite monthly payments opposed to a large lump sum, even if it was split into deposits.

This is a business, and while money is not everything, what our customers want is and making their life easier is one of our top goals.  We could not continue in good faith not offering these types of contracts knowing that it was in stark contrast to the preferences of our clients.

SUPPLIMENTAL: Can I convert to a monthly contract?
There is no easy answer to this other than “yes and no”.  No, the contract you had with Goldsboro Web Development is not compatible.  We would redesign your website for you because the new contracts require our new Website Builder, Cyno™.  If this is acceptable to you, then, yes.

We can however upgrade your website to Cyno™ for a nominal fee but this will not put you on a monthly contract that would provide support and other feature updates.  Contact sales for more information on a Cyno™ upgrade.   Again, you would need to go find the web design package you are wanting and hit “Order Now”.  Don’t worry, we’ll know what to do.

What do I do with old PayPal subscriptions?2024-05-27T20:51:52-04:00

Cancel them, but first ensure you have your credit card on file with us under My Account.  While all active customers were already alerted to this, it should be stated again that we no longer use PayPal as a payment method or alternate payment method.  Any active subscriptions through PayPal will NOT be processed on our website and we’ll do our best to refund and cancel them as we see them.

Did ownership change?2024-05-27T20:48:34-04:00

No.  Tarheel Media is owned and operated by MLW & Associates, LLC just as Goldsboro Web Development was.

Did any terms to Web Hosting change?2024-05-27T20:46:28-04:00

Yes.  While we still offer an unmetered plan as Goldsboro Web Development did, it is a lot more restrictive. You may only use one domain or subdomain per hosting account, and that website cannot be used exclusively for or in part for file sharing, file downloading, including but not limited to MP3’s, Movies, Videos, or Large Images.  Additionally, database sizes must remain under 1GB and email accounts cannot have more than 2gb of email data.  For the most part, a normal website would never exceed these limitations and if your website does, it’s time to think about a dedicated server whether virtual machine or bare metal.

Has anything legally changed since the transition to Tarheel Media?2024-05-27T22:13:26-04:00

Yes.  There are many changes including to how we write and conduct contracts.  Over the years we’ve made a lot of mistakes, but we adapt, improvise, and overcome them.

Contract signing is now done with a hash linked exclusively to your email address and IP address making it impossible to claim identity theft if it becomes a court action.

We now stipulate in every contract that if we, the designers request content or information for moving the project forward, and the client does not respond within 7 business days, this removes all obligations from Tarheel Media to deliver a product on a set date or deadline.  As you might glean from this, we had exactly this problem from a client in Clinton, NC, while operating as Goldsboro Web Development, who argued that since there was no proviso in the contract specifying she had obligations to meet, we were obligated to deliver a turn-key product on the date defined in the contract and thus got a free website (actually 3, we’ll get to that) even though she took several months on multiple occasions to deliver the information we needed to continue with the project (such as product information, product images, and other critical media and content that stalled the project).

Specifications are now created and worded into every contract.  That is, we specify a cap on labor, we specify a cap on concepts, and we specify what labor types are included and not included in your future project.  For example, the contracts will specify that you can only use 22 hours in the ROCK-IT tier design plans.  Furthermore, it will specify that you are able to have 2 concepts drafted and after that, any other labor to create additional concepts, or labor that goes beyond specifications are billed on top of the project while the project is on-going (and payment is expected when invoiced).   This prevents the problem we experienced from the client above where the concept was approved, the development scope was also approved, and at the very tail end of the development cycle (release) she decided to entirely change specification on the project sending us back to the drawing board and creating an entirely new website.

We now have a dedicated legal team (Merritt Webb) that assists us through all legal matters including contract reviews, arbitration, and civil legal defense.

There are many other changes to both the Terms and our Privacy Policy.  We would recommend reading them and as an added bonus, we’ve made both legal documents as easy to read as possible while also making it a breeze to reference.  In addition to a completely restructured Terms and our Privacy Policy, we’ve digitally signed those documents with signatures we can’t change which is admissible legal proof in court that the documents were in full effect when a customer agreed to them.

As an active customer, was all of my website data transferred over?2024-05-27T19:59:55-04:00

Yes.  The servers did not change only the way in which it is managed changed.

As an active customer, was all of my data transferred over to Tarheel Media?2024-05-27T19:58:18-04:00

No.  Financial data that is older than 2 years old was not transferred as this is the legal requirement for record keeping in North Carolina.  All invoices prior to 2 years old was archived in a offline database.  If you need access to these, you’ll need to open a support request through billing (billing@tarheel.media).

I was a customer of Goldsboro Web Develpment, has my data been transferred?2024-05-27T22:08:27-04:00

We’re sorry, no.  If you did not have an active account at the time we transferred accounts from Goldsboro Web Development to Tarheel Media, that data is now forever gone.  We have retained a copy of the entire filesystem Goldsboro Web Development was using for legal purposes, but there would be a cost for retrieval which could take several hours which we would bill.

Additionally, anything that was subject to the deletion and purge provisions of the Goldsboro Web Development Terms of Service was already deleted before we archived the file system.

However, if your account was closed in bad standing (overdue billing, TOS violations, and other various reasons) that prevented you from ordering further services from Goldsboro Web Development, that information has carried over to our databases here.  In shorter terms, if Goldsboro Web Development wouldn’t do business with you, neither will we.

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