They created an amazing & visually stunning website for my company. They set you up for future website success as well with a easy to use interface that let’s you make edits on your own!

~ Brooks Best

Operations Director, Best Sand and Gravel, Inc.

Project Description

Best Sand and Gravel was a place I passed more than twice per week and yet had no idea what it was.  The company was using the Yellow Pages for a website and SEO and it simply wasn’t working for them. We set them up with a website that was built to last with features galore that the Operations Director figured out on his own over the course of a few months.  Once he figured out how to embed his drone videos in the background of sliders, he was in love.

We have been with Best Sand and Gravel every step of the way and maybe producing a new website soon as well – a next-gen website far more impressive than the current.

Like so many of our clients, Best Sand and Gravel has a really interesting story about competition.  Their competitors attempted to hire us a few months after they subscribed to our services and hired us to build a website for them.  This competitor paid, we later found was trying to extract information about our SEO practices because a few months later, they had a new website and was copying the meta from our client.  For a while, they remained just under our client and eventually overtook them by creating several Google Maps profiles.

Google caught on and suppressed their search results for a while elevating Best Sand and Gravel back to the top of the search results.

Today, Best Sand and Gravel remains dominant on anything sand, gravel, or aggregate-related and we’re constantly working with the company to improve and push the source of leads further out of Goldsboro, North Carolina.