They were incredibly responsive and really listened to my needs. They also delivered the finished product in an extremely timely manner. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my site and service.

~ Jarek Verihand

CEO, Molton Flooring, Inc

Project Description

Molton Flooring is our oldest active client to-date and has been doing business with us for over a decade.  During this time we have been able to organically achieve a search placement on Google within the first 10 results in the highly competitive Raleigh, North Carolina markets.

Let’s talk about the competitive Raliegh, NC markets right quick. Oh, do we have a story to weave.  You might think it’s fiction, but according to Jarek, it’s true; and we believe him!

When Jarek came to us, he wanted two websites built:

  • Molton Flooring (currently featured)
  • Green Forest Flooring

Within a few weeks, both of his websites were on Google and they ranked higher than either of us could have hoped for.   But we knew something was afoot when Jarek called us about week 4 to demand that we take down the Green Forest Flooring website immediately.

When we asked why, he explained that his trailer tires were slashed after being told to take down the website by another flooring company with the word “green” in the name. We took the website down for him, but we learned a lesson on the competitive nature of business in Raliegh, NC.  It was bittersweet.  The bitter:  Jarek lost a significant investment.  But the sweet was learning that we had mastered the art of organic SEO.

Jerek’s company has been constantly and steadily growing since we’ve been handling his website and we’ve been constantly improving and monitoring his site.  Jarek says he’s achieved a state of serendipity with our services which is serendipity to us too.