Event Advertising Package

Event Advertising Package

This is a design and advertising package to promote your product, service, or company through an event or holiday.

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This is a pay-per-click advertising campaign through Google, Bing, and other advertisers.

All packages include 4 design hours for a campaign landing page, banners, and other design elements in addition to the budget you select.

The budget price you select will go directly to the advertising campaign.  If there are any overages above 2% of the budget, we will bill you for that overage.  Anything less than 2% and we will absorb that difference.

Please note that event and holiday advertising is HIGHLY competitive and everyone is making extremely high bids.  This will be reflected in the available budgets we offer for these events which are budgets that have proven to be effective during these events.

This product terminates when the budget you select is exhausted.   You will receive an itemized report on each click you were billed for.


It takes approximately 14-30 days to build out your landing page and about 30 days to set up the targeting strategy for your campaign. Purchasing this product for an event less than 60 days out will incur an expediting fee of 40% of your selected package price.

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