SEO Spam Recovery Contract

SEO Spam Recovery Contract

Cheap SEO agencies who engage in blackhat techniques has a higher price tag than they initially advertise.  The clean-up is exorbitantly expensive for you and us. In fact, we usually advise an entire rebrand rather than recovery. But, if your brand is worth it, maybe this service is too. This plan does not include SEO only the recovery of your reputation from blackhat SEO methods which include spam, and Google Webmaster Violations such as ghost content violations, doorway violations, and others.  This contract covers almost a full recovery up to 50 labor hours.  While we won’t be able to remove spam comments from websites, we will email webmasters a request to remove them which is why we cannot guarantee a full recovery.

Pay a 50% deposit per item
Pay a 50% deposit per item

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Included in this contract (unless you add options before checkout):

  • Spam Removal on 3rd Party Sites (email requests to webmasters)
  • Deletion of website code that violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
  • Writing a request to Google to re-evaluate your website once it is cleaned up
  • 30 days of monitoring for Google’s reply or search engine update
  • (OPTIONALLY) Depending on budget, we may also check other search engines and attempt recovery there as well

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Google Search, Google Ads, YouTube (text only), Gmail, Google Drive, Bing, Hotmail, Windows News Feeds, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, X (formally Twitter), Rumble